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Created 21-May-12
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84 - Gloxenias in Clay Pottery65 - Four Yellow Flowers40 - Parrot Tulips39 - Stargazer Lilies30 - Rhododendron67 - White Lillies in Crystal Vase85 - Grand Hotel 201281 - New Middle Bay Lighthouse 201280 Horizontal Pier & Fountain 201262 - Fairhope Ave Christmas Card 201154 - French Quarter50 - Christmas Duck Pond47 - Duck Pond at Sunset46 - Church St. Inn73 - Red Landmark Clock in Fairhope70 - Grand After Katrina68 - Boardwalk at Sunset72 Pier & Garden Fairhope (Vertical)71 - Middle Bay Light69 - Original Grand Hotel

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The art work is quite beautiful and includes oils, watercolors, and charcoal works. She also has a nice selection of gifts items at various price points. I was extremely lucky and Christine allowed me to look through some of her sketch books. Christine and her art was the highlight of my day and very much worth the trip to Fairhope. Every town needs an artist like Christine who can show the beauty of the town through her art.
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